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Many men have resorted to washing their face with the old bar of soap. Sure a bar of soap may remove the unwanted oil and dirt from your face, but it could cause your skin more harm than good. Using a bar of soap on your face can remove your natural oils and destroy your skins pH balance, that can result in dryness, irritation and sometimes even premature aging. Let’s just say a bar of soap in the skincare world is the equivalent of a can of Barbasol in the world of classic wet shaving; just don’t use it! Choose a mild dedicated cleaning product instead and treat your skin with respect it deserves with only three simple steps.

How to choose the right cleanser:

Everyone’s skin is different which implies that a facial cleanser that works wonders for one person may be drying or irritating for another. Similarly with shaving products like shave creams, soaps, and aftershaves, when searching for a cleanser, you will find out that there will be a variety of fragrances and options to choose. So how can you decide which one is ideal for you?
Many facial cleansers are tailored to specific types of skin and will say so on the label: dry, normal to dry, sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin. There are also other keywords you can look for like “non-comedogenic” which means that it won’t clog your pores and “hypoallergenic” which means it is a non-irritant.

Step 1: Prepare your skin.
Once you have chosen your cleanser, it’s time to prepare your skin for cleansing. You want to rinse your face with warm water, just like when you are prepping before your shave. Ensure the water is not too hot; otherwise, it may harm or dry out your skin. Applying warm water before you cleanse your face will help to loosen up the grime and dirt. The warm water will merely help to clear your pores of the sebum and dirt that may make them appear smaller. The pores do not have muscles and do not change size, so if you are looking for removing that “closed-pore” look, the answer is as simple as keeping them clean!

Step 2: Cleansing.
If you are a traditional wet shaver, just think of your cleanser as your lather. Don’t only carelessly apply it to your face, but instead take the time to spread it with care and delicacy. Your skin is going to thank you later for this. Once your skin was washed with warm water, and the dirt has loosened up in your pores, pour a small amount of cleanser in your hand and massage it in a circular motion on all your face for about fifteen to thirty seconds. As you spread the formula, focus on the areas that tend to accumulate the most oil. Collectively, these areas are known as the “T-Zone.” The T-Zones are the middle of your forehead, chin, and nose, that usually, accumulates excess sebum which can lead to breakouts.

Step 3: Post Cleansing.
Once you have finished applying the cleanser to all the areas on your face, rinse your face with water as you would post-shave. After all the formula was clean, take a clean towel and pat your face until it dries. To complete your skincare routine, you can either choose to move on to your shave or to apply a moisturizer.


Final considerations:

Using a cleanser can have many benefits including reducing signs of aging, correcting acne, while leaving your skin seeming fresh and feeling refreshed. Just because men have a thicker skin than women does not mean it should be denied a proper cleanse. If men did not have the skin sensitive, they wouldn’t struggle with, razor burns, acne or irritation.
EpicWorks provides you with a great selection of products to fit all the needs of different types of skin.

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